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FAQ’s- Questions about car title loans in santa clarita

Great Service & Great Loans with car title loans in santa clarita

Q: What is a car title loan?

A: A car title loan is a simple secured loan where we give you a loan based on the value of your car. We give you cash and you give us your car’s title as the lien holder. If you hear terms like pink slip loan or auto title loan, or motorcycle loan, don’t worry they are the same thing.

Q: Even If I have bad credit I can still get a loan?

A: With a car title loan in santa clarita your employment situation is not an issue. We love bad credit, low credit, and even no credit. We will give you the loan you need without doing a credit check. We proudly accept all applicants!

Q: Do I have to give you my car?

A: Absolutely not. We don’t want to keep your car like a pawn shop would. Why should your car sit around and do nothing? We give you the loan and you still get to keep your car. That’s way we make sure your drivers insurance is up to date.

Q: How large of a loan can I get?

A: That will depend on the value of your car and only the value of your car. We use the Kelly Blue Book to give you the best evaluation of your car. That value we give you as your loan.